Applicative training – “silent breathing” for times of suffocating pressure

Every aspect of our life passes through one of our senses making an impact. Through our senses we process and transfer frequencies that alter how we feel. Emotions are the function of us feeling stimulations from the brain and are influenced by our senses. Through our senses we process and transmit frequencies that alter what we feel, what we saw, heard, touched, tasted or smelt. Our daily routine of busy chores, responsibilities and stresses to achieve clutter into our mental wellness.


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Ultra Internal Mirror

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? The same routine?

From the moments we are born, we are conditioned to be automated. As the years pass by, we embed in our memory drives our habits. These habits may when realized aren’t desirable become difficult to change.

Our memory affect’s our behavior, and habits embedded within our make-up affects our health and can cause serious illness in the long terms sometimes even incurable diseases

What can we do?

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