How dose Veestars work ? How does it make us feel better?

Emotions are the basis of living energy, the foundation of our being.

 Emotions or feelings are the result of a stimulation received by a sensory receptor, which is then transmitted to a neuron cell,

and carried to the brain as information requiring action.


This means that our emotions are affected by information gathered by our senses, and our senses help us process and transfer

frequencies which change our emotions and feelings, just like the famous saying goes, “See in order to Feel.”


Our senses are active all day, every day, but using technology dulls them… we spend a lot of time in front of screens - reading ,

writing, watching, communicating digitally, calculating, and so on. But technology has not been able yet to answer our basic emotional need, to feel.


Robin S. Sharma explains in his books that controlling our emotions and feelings lies in our own hands.

We can train our brains the way we train any muscle in our bodies.


From an understanding of this powerful need, we created VeeStars:

VeeStars is a “tool” for channeling our senses, for continually improving and strengthening our emotions.

Use it to send your brain the desired energy frequency. It is always there for us, to help and support us.


After defining the appropriate color and content on Veestars, stare at the screen 30 to 60 seconds several times a day,

and the desired stimulation will be transmitted to the brain.


On another level, Veestars helps you deal with challenges  in your life.

The app encourages, reinforces, supports, and radiates love.


Star: to complete all your tasks, star them, and then mark the completed ones with a  sign.

Marking things with a elevates your mood. When you’ve completed a task, and marked it with a , you’ve just given yourself positive reinforcement,

and that stimulates your senses and produces emotion.


Reinforcement: encourages you to continue doing something. Any stimulation or occurrence increasing the frequency of a desired activity, is a reinforcement.

According to the operant conditioning theory, reinforcement is an important factor in learning.

Many human behaviors are learned through this principle: desired activity receiving reinforcement will be repeated in the future,

in order to receive the same reinforcement again.

Positive reinforcement: a pleasant stimulation after executing a desirable action, with the view of increasing it.

Reinforcement should be suited to the learner, and can take various forms: a compliment, encouragement, financial compensation, or other physical rewards.


            Full reinforcement is given every time a desirable action is repeated.

            Partial reinforcement is given only some of the times.


In addition, Veestars motivates, pushes, and stimulates your senses to act, achieve goals and move on to targets you set for yourself.

Setting clear goals in the app, combined with live feedback from friends, makes the goals into a real challenge, and achieving them will then reinforce and advance you.

Because we use computers and cellphones all day long, VeeStars is a perfect personal companion for the path we choose.

After using VeeStars for a certain period of time, you will only need a glance at the app to awaken the desired emotions and feelings.